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    How Do I Open An Account?

    To create an account at Bitstamp, you’ll need to fill out a registration form which can be done online or through the app. The registration includes typical account opening details such as your name, address, and contact information.


    Once the registration form is complete, Bitstamp has a two-step verification process.


    First, upload forms to prove that you're going to fund an account from a personal bank account.

    Then, complete the “Know Your Customer” verification which involves taking selfies and pictures of your photo ID and proof of residency, such as current utility bill.

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    Is It Safe And Secure?

    In 2015, Bitstamp suffered from a phishing attack and lost 18,866 BTC which was worth around $5 million at the time. While the company acted quickly, the loss highlights how big a target these crypto exchanges are.


    Today, Bitstamp has multiple lines of defense to mitigate the risk of loss in the future. First, it has higher levels of encryption. All users are required to use multi-factor authentication when accessing their accounts.


    Additionally, Bitstamp stores 98% of user assets in cold storage, which is largely impermeable to hacking attempts.


    Crypto Safety Tip: Here's is why we recommend cold wallets:


    Cold storage cryptocurrency wallets refer to stripped down computers that never touch the internet. They hold private keys and have a button (or two) that allow users to buy and sell crypto on the blockchain. Because cold storage wallets aren't vulnerable to internet-based attacks, they're considered the most secure crypto wallets.


    Personal information on the Bitstamp website or in the app is encrypted to decrease the likelihood that it falls into the wrong hands. All assets held at Bitstamp are fully insured against theft or hacking through one of two policies. This includes assets held in online storage or that are part of a transaction. This is an unusually high degree of insurance.